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Welcome! We have been around since 1995, and build the toboggan the way it was originally crafted in North America since the 1800's. Our sleds feature the designs that have evolved over the past two centuries through proven performance. Whether you are looking for a toboggan sled for your families toboggan hill, the wooden sled for your hunting camp, or you are one of our long time Northern Canadian customers who are looking to continue thriving on the land, our toboggan design is one of integrity, with a story. Our products fall into two distinct categories: recreation and lifestyle utility. Lifestyle Utility: In 1995 our sled maker started building a premier wooden sled and the large traditional toboggan. The design of our snow sleds is one that is centered on durability and practicality. We also make toboggans that are designed as dog sleds. These lifestyle utility sleds are not meant for your family downhill toboggan ride. Yes, you can use many of our designs as your family "winter sled", whether it be for pulling grandkids, picking up firewood, or going ice fishing. But these larger sleds are traditional meant to be for working on the land. Recreational Sled: As the business evolved, we continued to identify opportunity to expand our wooden sled repertoire. Eventually we finally realized that the many phone calls we received in the late 1990's requesting a toboggan for downhill use with the family was a sign to build the recreational toboggan sled that we today refer to as our "downhill toboggan". Further, our love for camping and fishing brought about additional wooden sled options into our offering. And Wall-ah! We have morphed from a company focusing on sleds that support people's lifestyles on the land, to an organization known for the support recreational tobogganing and outdoor leisure.